The Gunnedah Shire Demographic Workshop

Team Leader Economic Development - Gunnedah Shire Council

Join Glenn Capuano from .id for an informative and engaging demographic workshop.

.id stands for “informed decisions” and id’s work is to provide decision-makers within government, industry and the community with accurate, accessible, easy-to-use information about communities and how they are changing.

When:             Friday, September 8, 2023 at the Smithurst Theatre in Conadilly Street.

Session 1: 9am-10am Gunnedah Shire Demographic Snapshot:

  • An overview of statewide trends in population during and after the pandemic.
  • How the Census played out in Gunnedah and northern New South Wales.
  • How is Gunnedah’s population changing, which age groups are moving in and out, and where from and to?
  • Changing socio-economic and cultural diversity characteristics.
  • Who is working from home – who moved in for the tree change but works elsewhere?
  • Housing – how affordable is it, who is in housing stress and where?
  • Economic characteristics of Gunnedah – main industries and value of the economy.

Friday, September 8, 2023.

Session 2: 10.30am-12pm Profile .id Tools Made Easy:

  • How to use the .id toolkit (profile, atlas ad to tell the changing story of Gunnedah Shire.
  • Dominant-emerging analysis, how to use it to tell the story.
  • Using datasets like migration data and SEIFA data to pinpoint locations within Gunnedah which are different from the main trend.
  • Using the economic impact and event tools to look at how the economy would change if industry changes happened.
  • Mapping changing characteristics in


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