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Wendy takes a holistic approach in assessing and the working with people experiencing all manner of health, life, cognitive and functional conditions.

Taking all factors into account, she focuses on working with the underlying causes in order for someone to return to a fuller experience of health, wholeness and wellbeing.

With the experience of being in practice for 15 years and having trained with some of the best teachers around the world, she incorporates effective modalities known to bring positive changes.

"My passion is walking alongside another who is ready to step into vibrant health and wellbeing. I love being a detective with someone to gently tweak out what is holding them back from the life that they know they are. Witnessing the freedom that this brings with people is a Joy in my life".

A consultation may include treatment that is best suited to each individual. This may include Neurological Integration (NIS) - a way of 'rebooting' signal issues in the nervous system, an individualised mixture of Herbal medicine and Bach Flower Remedies, Frequency Specific Microcurrent (resonant frequencies for tissue repair), Stress release, shifting limiting belief patterns or Allergy / food sensitivity assessment and treatment. Each may be incorporated to strengthen, energise and promote positive health in our mind, body and soul.

Suitable for all ages and all manner of health and wellbeing concerns, everyone's life can improve.


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All manner of health and wellbeing concerns from neurological, functional, learning, stress, hormones, babies, digestion, skin, allergies and intolerances.