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Whether you are a job seeker, a business owner or have a job that you currently enjoy we all seem to need have a resume (or CV) that is up to date and current. It is surprising how many times you get asked to send in your resume, CV or bio. Plus it is a great start to build your Linked In profile.

It is the first document people will read to form an impression about you. You need to nail it.

How do you make your resume sing so that the reader wants to meet you and find out more about you? As a job seeker how can you make your resume stand out among the myriad of other applicants?

I was recently working with a group of unemployed youth, helping them write and refine their resumes. Here are some tips taken from this class

  • You DO NOT have to put your date of birth on a resume. Take it off. It is not a legal document; nothing is compulsory on a resume. It potentially opens you to unconscious bias and discrimination. The recruiter may see you as too young, too old, child breeding age…. Let them want your skills first!
  • List your skills and the duties you performed, even for your volunteering experiences. A recruiter wants to know what you did, what you were responsible for, the skills you developed. Highlight your achievements and add some keywords under each experience so the recruiter knows what you did.
  • Be mindful of font and spelling, it says a lot about your eye for detail and how much you care. Use the same font throughout and pick a simple business font like Arial or Times New Roman. If you use dot points, make sure they are all lined up down the page. Check for spelling. I highly recommend getting someone else to read it too.

And now for the big tip. I recently found out something that shocked me – be ready to be shocked too.

Did you know that many recruiting companies now use a computer to do the first scan of resumes and applications?

You read that correctly – your application may not even touch human hands before it gets churned into the wastepaper basket. Computers are programmed to pick up the keywords in the application, they look for the words that are in the job advert and pick them out from the resume and application.

As an example: Job advert is for a Food and Beverage Attendant. You have over 10 years’ experience in hospitality, your resume looks perfect for this job.

You get an email saying you were unsuccessful. Why?

Perhaps one reason is you described yourself as a waiter, waitress, barista, hospitality attendant. All correct but the job is looking for a Food and Beverage Attendant and this is what the computer searched for.

  • Include the keywords from the original job posting and make sure you use those keywords throughout your resume and cover letter. Customise every time for the advert.

As an accredited Glow Up Coach I can help you with your resume, how to understand job advertisements and write your cover letters so you can stand out from others and if you need one – develop your Linked In profile. If you are local, I can do this face to face, or if you prefer the program is designed to be delivered over video call using Zoom. You will also get access to a fabulous library of tools, developed by professional recruiters and HR experts.

Whether you are a school leaver, long term unemployed, looking for a career change or a business owner that wants to profile their skills and services on Linked In I am willing to guide you.

Why not drop me a note at and let me help your story shine! Ange xoxo


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Writer | Content Creator | Facilitator - Country Horizons