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I am often asked “Why a Furniture Store?” As with every question that people seem to ask me, it comes with a long winded explanation!

The choices I make in my life are always extremely personal. It’s not just about income or a career with me, there will always be a deeper reason for my actions.

I was always somewhat a “trend setter” at school. My friends may disagree with that description, they may call it “Different”  or even “Rebellious”, my choice of definition was Trend Setter.

I didn’t like to follow the other sheep, being told what to do, what to wear, what to like.  I liked what I liked, I wore what I liked to wear regardless of what the world might be selling me.

As an adult I now know it was about FREEDOM OF CHOICE for me.  Being free to express myself and my personality through my choices of clothing, room decor or my car.

Going back to the original question “Why a Furniture Store?”, because it’s all about choices. The choices of Styling in your home should reflect a statement about who you are.  As my original quote says: “A room should start a conversation before people actually start to exchange words”

Where does one Start??

This is where an Interior Designer can help, and particularly an Interior Designer who owns a Furniture Store – because the choices we can offer are not limited to what is on the  showroom floor, but what options are available to build your own unique piece from scratch!

 Design Your Own Perfect Lounge Suite:

Things to consider before you start:

  • Space

  • Style

  • Fabric/Leather

  • Durability

  • Colour

Think about your space, and what kind of lounge will fit it comfortably.  Regardless of the area we are working with, there is a solution.

What Style of lounge would you like? Is it important that you have recliners, do you want a chaise with your lounge. Would a corner modular suit best? Do you want the option of having a fold out bed for guests?

What would you like your ideal lounge made from?  Leather or Fabric? Do you want a plush fabric or linen? Is durability important in your choice?

Finally what colour suits your styling?

Once we have considered these options it reduces our choices making the concept of designing not as daunting.

Services I can offer you as a Designer:

As a designer, there are services that I can provide you to make your choices easier:

  • Room Plan

  • Vision Board

  • Fabric Samples

  • Consultation with Manufacturers

Once the lounge arrives we can deliver it for free and set it up in your room, and I can also style it for you.


Now more than ever we are talking about Australian Manufacturers.  By using Australian Made, we are using products from Australia. Hard Woods, Dunlop Foam, Quality Fabrics and Australian Leather.

As the building items are higher quality, so is the warranty that comes with the Lounge.  With an imported lounge you may get a 12 month warranty. With our Australian Manufacturers, warranty ranges from 10 – 30 years! On some products they offer a lifetime warranty.

If something does go wrong, the manufacturer is here in the same country so problems are addressed so much faster.  If you are having issues with electronics for example, a new cable is sent from Sydney, Melbourne or South Australia. You aren’t waiting a minimum of 12 weeks for the next shipping container to arrive.

Designs & Fabric Choices:

Design Choices are limitless!! Even if the manufacturer hasn’t done that particular size or style before, they are happy to do a custom build for you.

In Fact many of the design shows on TV use the exact same manufacturers that we do.  They will have a designer tell them, “We have this space we need to fill with a lounge” and they will build that to their exact measurements.

Let’s talk choices:

  • Single Chair/Occasional Chair

  • 2, 3 & 4 Seater Sofa – Modular Design, with Recliners or Without. Electric or Manual

  • Corner Lounge

  • Add a Chaise with Storage, an Ottoman or Fold Out Bed

  • Fabrics – Print Or Plain, Plush or Linen

  • Aged Leather Look Fabric – perfect for pets.

  • Australian Leathers in hundreds colour choices

  • Design matching/contrasting throw cushions, have matching curtains made?

  • Add a Console/USB or 240 V Power options

  • Outdoor Fabric Options & Styles

  • Thousands of Fabric Colour/Print Choices from a number of Fabric Manufacturers.

In Fact any choice you think of there is a design solution.

Director. Sales Person, Buyer, Interior Designer, Website, HR - Enchanted On Conadilly