What is content creation and why you need it

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At a recent network function, I introduced myself as a writer. There was a twitch of puzzlement as the person I was speaking to said “Writer? As in author, book writer?”

While I dream of writing a novel one day at the moment, I am enjoying writing content. Content for businesses and organisations to help them tell their story.

I am a writer and content creator.

My new business acquaintance became increasingly intrigued. What does a content creator do…and do I need one?

What is a content creator?

A quick search of some well-known dictionaries yielded few results to define a content creator. Wikipedia is a little scant too “Content creation is the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts”.

Simply a content creator is a writer that is involved in the creation and editing of content such as websites, blogs, articles, newsletter, ebooks, social media posts, scripts for video or podcasts that target a specific audience.

I am a content creator that tells a story.

Do you need one?


Customers and buyers want a more personalised view of your business and a more targeted personalised message that connects with them. Billboards and slogans aren’t hitting the mark as much as they used to.

To deliver a more personalised message a business needs to tell a story, build a relationship with their targeted customers and nurture that relationship through content and stories.

Why do you need a content creator?

  1. Content asks customers and potential customers to take action.

Sure, they will be attracted to your website and social media pages by graphics, images, colours and pizzaz however it will be the content that keeps them there and provide details on the what, why and how to buy. The content will connect with the customer.

  1. Content builds a relationship with your customer.

Content helps you to be human, your customers want to get to know you. While your website is the cover to your brand, your content tells your story.

For example

  • A blog post that contains a personal story that connects with them while you are teaching or explaining something to them.
  • An article that shows you too struggle with something helps them feel you understand and makes you relatable, human.
  • A social media post in your own voice that displays authenticity and passion will allow readers understand your brand and the ‘why’ you do what you do.
  1. Content builds your SEO.

Images, colours and fonts wont help the internet know you exist. It will be your content. With effective keywords throughout your articles, blogs and social media posts the internet and search engines will discover you and help you to optimise how people can find your business. Content builds your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  1. Content grows your business.

When potential customers arrive at your website they will want to connect with you and be enticed to get to know you more, read your compelling story. While images and pizzazz can do this in the first instance, it will be your up-to-date content that will establish your expertise, showcase your products or services and allow them to start to connect with you, the people in the business. Your content will tell your story.

  1. Writing isn’t for everyone.

The idea of starting to write content and fill a blank page can be daunting, especially if you must write about yourself!

I love to write. I love the challenge of a blank page and filling it with creative words to help businesses tell their story.

Do you have new products in store that you want to tell your customers about? Do you want to explain a new development in your industry? Are their changes to regulation that you want your clients to know and understand? Do you want to add new web content to keep your website fresh and current?


Let me help you. I am a content creator that can write content for your business.

Lets chat! Send me a message or email hello@countryhorizons.com.au

Writer | Content Creator | Facilitator - Country Horizons