Best kept secret in town?

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Did you know there is an international organisation that can help you and/or your staff improve communication and leadership skills? Its right here in Gunnedah, on your doorstep. No travel costs, no days out of the office…just two hours once a month. In Gunnedah.

Its Toastmasters.

I love this real-life example of what Toastmasters can help an individual achieve. And let’s face it, we all must attend a job interview sometime in our life!

What is often the first question asked in a job interview? “Tell me something about yourself.” The interviewer already has your résumé so what’s the point of the question?

Because the answer tells the recruiter a great deal about you:

  • your language level,
  • your grasp of the subject and how it pertains to the situation at hand,
  • your self-confidence,
  • your personality and
  • how you may fit with the existing team.
  • Are you using the right technical terms?
  • Are you sitting properly, using appropriate body language, wearing the right clothes and addressing the interviewer with courtesy and decorum?
  • Are you able to persuade the interviewer that you have the right skill set for the job?
  • Once you’re hired, will you be able to handle the job and the people on the team?
  • How much of an impact will you have on others?
  • Are you an effective team player and a potential leader?
  • Are you a good listener?

Everything you do in Toastmasters can help you improve aspects of how you present at an interview and your professional life. This article outlines in more detail how Toastmasters can help you (or your staff) reach your full potential.

As an employer, leader, manager perhaps you have a staff member with loads of potential that lacks communications skills, self-confidence, presentation conviction, social awareness in a workplace.

Food for thought: Consider paying their membership for Toastmasters. Show them you care and are invested in helping them improve their skills in a safe, caring environment of your local Toastmasters Club.

Why not come along yourself?


Gunnedah Toastmasters meets at the Serviceman’s Club on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Meetings are 7 – 9 PM…and as one of our skills in strong meeting process we DO keep to time!

Call Ange (President) on 0455 140 266 for more info or follow our Facebook page


Image credit: Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Writer | Content Creator | Facilitator - Country Horizons